The rush to resettle Muslims is unbelievable! We just reported on Syrian refugees brought to America BUT now we have even more Somali Muslims to report about!  Obama’s fundamental transformation in action…

The State Department has a Refugee Processing Center website that has all of the data of refugees entering America. The 2017 fiscal year starts Oct 1. The data below is from Oct 1, 2016-Dec 1, 2016:

Top Ten states for Somali resettlement in the first two months of this fiscal year:

Minnesota (334)

New York (283)

Kentucky (169) It is new for KY to be anywhere near the top for resettlement, where are you Rand Paul?

Ohio (158)

Arizona (146)

Missouri (136)

Texas (133)

Washington (113)

Colorado (97)

Pennsylvania (89)

Please visit Refugee Resettlement Watch for more information on this program that is OUT OF CONTROL!

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