CNN host Dana Bash is used to steamrolling conservatives. The producers at the fake news network should’ve given Bash a heads up about the former TV News anchor turned AZ GOP gubernatorial candidate, who is currently favored to win the election in November. The formidable Kari Lake, in the kindest way possible, took a wrecking ball to the far-left host and didn’t even give her the opportunity to stop her before CNN was forced to cut the interview.

Here is the transcript from the interview that Bash hoped would make Lake look like a loony candidate who won’t accept the outcome of the November election. Lake ignored Bash’s ridiculous attempt and used her time instead as an opportunity to destroy her Democratic opponent Katie Hobbs:

CNN host Dana Bash: Let’s look ahead…

GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake: Dana…

Bash: …into the 2022 election.

Lake: Dana…

Bash: Will you accept the results of your election, Ms. Lake?


Lake: I’m running against a twice-convicted racist who cost the state’s taxpayers $3 million because of her hatred for people of color. She paid a woman of color in her office $30,000 less than men doing the same job. Last week, we learned she held a mock slave auction in high school. We saw her running from a black reporter hiding in the bathroom from him.

Lake continues: I’m not gonna lose this election because the people of Arizona…”

Bash: I’m gonna talk to Katie Hobbs, I’m gonna talk to Katie Hobbs right after we’re done…

Lake: The voters of Arizona will never elect a racist like Katie Hobbs.

Bash: My question is will you accept the results of your election in November?

Lake: I’m gonna win the election, and I will accept that result.

Bash: If you lose, will you accept that?

And for the grand finale…only moments before CNN ends her segment…

Lake hits it out of the ballpark: I’m going to win the election, and I will accept that result because the people will never Ever support and vote for a coward like Katie Hobbs, who won’t show up on the debate stage. She’s single-handedly destroying a 20-year tradition of gubernatorial debate because of her cowardice.

No momentum behind them…

The polls are in our favor, and we’re gonna win this election. I’m 100% confident that we have the common sense ideas that people want, and we’re seeing Democrats pour over and vote for us right now.

The Democrat party is faltering. It’s not the party of solutions; it’s the party that has caused the problems that we’re in here.

Bash: I really appreciate you coming on…

CNN cuts interview


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