MSNBC’s Morning Joe hosts, Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough may not agree on everything, but one thing their viewers can always count on is their neverending criticism of President Trump.

This morning, in a rare moment during one of their segments, Joe Scarborough praised President Trump over his decision yesterday, to extend the social distancing guidelines for Americans through April 30th.

“It’s very easy for us to sit here on television and talk about how the president has to shut down the country—The prime minister has to shut down the country,” Scarborough told his wife, Mika, as she grunted, trying hard not to distort her face.

Scarborough continued, “There are a lot of people at home who’ve lost their jobs, a lot of small businesses that have been destroyed.” The Morning Joe co-host continued, “So that is a constant balancing act. Not just for this president, but for prime ministers, for governors, for representatives.”

Mika looked like she was about to be physically ill, as her co-host and husband, continued, “And I will say again, the president, yesterday, chose to listen to the scientists, and a lot of Americans are a lot safer because of it. And we’ve been harshly critical of this president, and I’ve just gotta say, in a pandemic, as in a war, we need to underline that decision and continue to listening to doctors and scientists.”

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