A caravan of trucks displaying brutal LED messages have descended on Joe Biden’s hometown of Wilmington, DE and the result is hilarious!

This video shows a familiar image of “Creepy” Joe Biden stroking the face of a young girl during Senator Mitch McConnell’s swearing-in ceremony that was presided over by the former VP.  On the other side of the truck, the LED message changes to reveal an “Antifa For Biden” message. The person taking the video can be heard laughing, as he says, “This is going on in Wilmington, Delaware,” adding, “What is going on?”

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Turning Point’s Benny Johnson shared a video showing one of the trucks displaying a video of Biden’s hilarious Delaware public pool speech where he talked to a group of mostly black kids about how kids used to rub their hands on his “hairy legs,” as he explained, “and I’ve love kids jumping on my lap.” On the side of the truck, it reads: B.I.D.E.N  Biggest Idiot Democrats Ever Nominated

The images on the sides of the trucks are direct and to the point. In addition to “Creepy Joe Biden,” there were also messages about his sexual assault accusation by Tara Reade, including, “NO Means No, Creepy Joe,” and “Commie Kamala Harris.”

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