The video discussed below had been making the rounds for weeks on twitter but the minute President Trump retweeted it, the liberal media went nuts. CNN anchor John King is horrified…LOL! We’ve added the original video below this one and the one from January of 2011 showing what really happened to Hillary.

A perfect video to start your day! Here’s a video of our wonderful POTUS taking the best shot ever:

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The video clip of Hillary is old. She fell getting on the plane long ago. What’s new is the added golf ball hitting her in the back to make it look like the ball made her fall. It’s great because it starts off with a video of President Trump’s golf shot and then you see the special effect of the golf ball hitting (but not really) Hillary. It’s a joke but the left just can’t handle it.

This happened in January of 2011 boarding a plane leaving Yemen. There were no golf balls involved in the making of this video.

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