The mayors of New York and Washington D.C recently alleged that migrants were being forced to get on buses to come to their cities.

The accusation comes as Texas has bused thousands of migrants to the states.

Liberal states like New York have been able to advocate for open borders policies while making red states like Arizona and Texas bear the brunt of the social and economic costs.

Now that migrants are being bused to their states, they have gone in to full panic mode.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) announced in late July that she was activating the National Guard to handle the influx of migrants coming to her city.

On Friday, CNN interviewed some of the migrants being bused to Washington DC and Texas, likely attempting to make Governor Greg Abbott look bad.

Instead, the migrants told CNN that they willingly got on the buses.

Breitbart Reports

On Friday’s broadcast of “AC360,” CNN aired a report on Texas busing migrants to New York City and Washington, DC by CNN National Correspondent Gary Tuchman where an advocate for migrants denied that people were being forced on the buses and migrants who got on the bus said they were grateful for the ride.

During the report, Tuchman said, “Some people say it’s cruel, but this story may not be what you expect.” He then played a clip from an interview with a migrant going on a bus to DC who said she was happy.

Tuchman then stated, “And listen to those who advocate for the migrants.” He then played a clip from a discussion with Mission: Border Hope Executive Director Valeria Wheeler where she said, “They want to go on these buses.”

In another clip, Tuchman asked, “And you’re saying no one is being forced to go on these buses?”

Wheeler responded, “No one has been forced.”

Tuchman then asked, “They’re going on because they want to?”

Wheeler answered, “Yes.”

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