CNN’s ratings have been in the toilet ever since they made falsifying news about our President and his nonexistent Russian connection a top priority. Earlier this week, CNN sunk to a new low when they threatened to release the identity of a private user on social media site Reddit, after he made a video showing President Trump body-slamming a CNN logo superimposed over the WWE Chairman’s body. Perhaps it’s a good time for CNN to think about replacing their vengeful, bully president…

CNN’s president, Jeff Zucker, responded to the fiasco surrounding his network this week with a jab President Donald Trump’s way, asserting it’s the White House chief who’s the aggressor in this tiff — that the news organization is the victim.

Zucker’s like the playground bully, caught mid-punch, mid-push, now standing before the principal, trying to weasel out of blame.
“My job is to remind everyone that they need to stay focused doing their job,” Zuckersaid to The New York Times. “[Trump‘s] trying to bully us, and we’re not going to let him intimidate us. You can’t lose your confidence and let that change the way you conduct yourselves.”

Decoded meaning: CNN’s not going to change their witch-hunting ways.

The whole tiff is over a video clip that Trump retweeted showing him wrestling CNN to the ground. The media, as the media is wont to do, went overboard with the criticism of Trump’s retweet, pretending like he was calling for arms against members of the media.

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CNN then went on a hunt to identify the creator of this video, watchdogging like it’s not watchdogged in years. And once identified, the guy was then issued this rather cold, calculating message from CNN: Behave, or we’ll name you publicly.

Watch Infowars’ hilarious “FAKE NEWS” video that replaces the Hitler character with CNN president Jeff Zucker:

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The hashtag #CNNBlackmail quickly gathered steam on Twitter. And rightly so. A media giant going after a private citizen for making a satire video seems a bit, well, Gestapo tactic. But instead of backtracking and apologizing, CNN seems to have dug in for battle.

Hmm. Interesting strategy.

Washington Times

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