I don’t know who keeps making these things, but they are HILARIOUS!

I don’t think this is the Dilley Meme Team, but whoever it is is doing a great job.

As usual, ALL the creativity and ALL the humor is on the Right!

You’ll need a little background on this first to understand why it’s so funny….

This all stems from Elon Musk a few nights ago telling advertisers that if they’re trying to blackball him by withholding ads, then they can go “F themselves” and then pausing to say “Hi Bob” — a reference to Disney’s Bob Iger who was in the crowd.


More on that here if you want the full history and to see that clip:

WATCH Elon Musk To Disney CEO: “Go F**K Yourself!”

Ok, so with that background, now you're going to understand why this is so hilarious.



Want some more hilarious clips?

I've got you covered!

President Trump posted this earlier today and it's the funniest 54 seconds you'll see all day!

Live from "Loserville":


I'm not sure if that was made by the Dilley Meme Team or not but it kinda feels like it.

This was though, and I still laugh at this one every time I watch it:

HILARIOUS: Trump Lowers Ron DeSantis With Bluetooth Boot Lifter!

It's not often that I write an entire article about a 1 minute meme, but today is that day.


Because this had me laughing so hard I had to share it.

Don't we all need to laugh right now?

Trust me, take whatever you are doing and put it on a 1 minute pause to just take a massive TIME OUT from all the negativity and stress of this world and just....LAUGH!


If that doesn't work, backups here:

And here:

The DILLEY MEME TEAM never lets us down!

Hilarious work fellas (and ladies?), well done!

Here is some of their prior work that is also amazing:

"Now I Ain't Sayin' She A Vote Rigger..."

President Trump is back on Twitter/X with his first Tweet since 2021, and already people are saying "Meme Magic" is back.

Indeed it is.

I keep telling you everything right now feels like 2015/2016 repeating itself, including the incredible memes flying all over the place.

But what I'm about to show you is one of the absolute best and most hilarious videos I've ever seen.

I texted a friend this morning: "Might be the best video ever made for the Internet."


These guys are incredible, all credit to the Memefellas at the Dilley Meme Team who say they put this together in less than 24 hours.

I have no idea how they do it, but this is incredible talent!

Not only did they have to get the visuals but then write the script and make Trump's voice sing perfectly.

It's unreal!!

I've already loaded it onto my gym playlist!

I've watched this at least 10 times and it gets better each time....

Please enjoy:


Backup here on YouTube at least for right now:

I can't even pick a favorite line, so many good ones...

If it's not the chorus  "But Fatty only make my lead bigger" then I think MAYBE it would have to be "You will see her at the Court House, Call Her Fatty Willis":

Humor and satire always hit stronger than most anything else.

Reaction is off the charts:

If you want more, we actually covered this same incredible team a few days ago.

Here's another gem:

Meet "Rhonda Santis"

I don't know what level of AI sorcery created this, all I can say is it's freaky, it's hilarious and it's dead on perfect!

Called by some "Rhonda Santis" this is some wizardly combination of Ron DeSantis and Hillary Clinton.

The more you watch, the freakier it gets!

I can't tell where Ron starts and Hillary begins....and vice versa.

The audio....

The visual....

It's uncanny.

Just watch for yourself:

Even Don Jr. has started sharing the "Ronda Santis" memes:

"Why am I not up 50 points in the polls?"

I have no idea how they did this, but this is perfection:


Per the watermark, credit appears to go to the Dilley Meme Team.

Well done fellas and/or ladies!

And also from the Dilley Meme Team, this one is so good...

How do they do this?



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