At the start of the Fox News Greg Gutfeld Show, Gutfeld showed a hilarious clip mocking the hysteria of the Democrat Party. Gutfeld began his show by telling his viewers, “I’m really excited to introduce a new sponsor to our show. It’s a new drug. It’s called ‘Victima'” Gutfeld went on to explain that the drug was created to help Democrats who are feeling defeated after the brutal election of Donald Trump cope: “When identity politics no longer work, try ‘Victima’.

America’s been witnessing the embarrassing meltdown of liberals ever since President Trump shocked the world with his stinging defeat of Crooked Hillary, so Gutfeld decided to have a little fun by mocking the embarrassing behavior of the left.

The voice in the commercial mimics the typical TV drug commercials with sappy music playing in the background: “It’s not what it used to be. It used to be fine.The Democratic Party…it’s not performong.It’s slow, sluggish, confused, prone to fits of despair. It may be time for “Victima”. Victims, when your old identity politics no longer work, Victima gives you that added boost to get you to where you want to be. When I take Victima, I see everyone as a ‘racist’. It really works.”


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Ironically, FOX News fired Bob Beckel, the only liberal on the Gutfeld Show the day after this show aired, after he allegedly made a “racist” remark that offended a black employee working at FOX. Hmmm…

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