Two weeks ago, Gillette was slammed for releasing a new “toxic masculinity” ad that shamed white men and made it appear that boys are just a bunch of ruthless bullies.

Gillette’s new ad called, “We Believe The Best Men Can Be”, encourages men to rethink the way they raise their own sons.

The ad uses a variety of settings including boys wrestling, men barbecuing, harassing women and finally, the ad flashes to a boardroom meeting filled with men “mansplaining,” while one lone woman, who appears to be scared out of her wits, sits at the end of the table feeling threatened by their toxic masculinity. Gillette definitely took a gamble when they decided to run their toxic masculinity ad. Whoever thought that by demeaning and shaming their target market, it would help Gillette to sell more product, should be fired from the ad agency who created this ad.


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Conservative commentator and YouTube sensation,” Mr. Reagan,” has created the perfect parody to the white man shaming Gillette ad. In his awesome rendition of the Gillette ad that garnered so much attention, Mr. Reagan points out the repeated use of Black men interceding to stop stupid white men from harassing women. The video starts out by saying, “Hey look, everybody, our first shot is of a stoic black man” they flash to a White guy saying, ” This guy’s ashamed of himself for being White and a man” as they flash to the next guy, saying, “Look at this guy—he’s about the cry. He’s not only White and a man, but he’s also old—disgusting!” The next shot is of a young White boy with red hair, the narrator asks, “Is this the best a man can get—a soulless ginger?”  The narrator then points out one of  the primary motives behind the Gillette ad, saying, “We know that most of you men are unaware of this, so we are here to educate you…” telling their target market that “bullying is mean and bad.” Because, clearly without Gillette, boys and men would think that bullying is good—right?

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The final line of the parody ad says it all, “Gillette, we virtue signal better than anybody”

After the final line, the narrator hilariously mocks Gillette, signing: “Gillette, ridding the world of toxic masculinity. Everybody should vote Democrat.  Gillette, we’re so awesome, everybody should buy our razors. Don’t go to Dollar Shave Club, Dollar Shave Club is toxic masculinity.”


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