Governor DeSantis announced Wednesday that he will begin sending illegals dumped in Florida by the Biden Administration to sanctuary states such as Biden’s home state of Delaware

Announcing that Florida now has the funding to reroute illegal immigrants, Governor Ron DeSantis made a vow to send the illegals dumped in Florida months ago by Biden’s administration to sanctuary states such as Delaware–Biden’s home state.

From The Gateway Pundit:

It can be recalled that DeSantis introduced a proposal last December to add $8 million to the state’s budget in order to send those illegals out of the Sunshine State and into Democrat areas such as Marthas Vineyard and Biden’s home state of Delaware.

“If businesses or contractors are dumping people who are illegal into Florida from Southern Texas, you know, we’re going to go after their ability to do business in Florida,” Gov. DeSantis said Wednesday after he signed the No Patient Left Alone Act into law in Naples, Florida.

“If Biden is dumping people, which he has dumped people, they fly them in at 2 in the morning. They haven’t done it lately, but they did it many months ago. We now have money where we can reroute them to sanctuary states like Delaware. And we’re going to do that, to make sure we’re keeping people safe here.” DeSantis asserted.

This announcement by Governor DeSantis comes the same day as one by Texas Governor Greg Abbott to bus illegals from Texas into D.C.

In response to the Biden administration ending Title 42, Abbott announced that “Texas will be taking its own precedented actions this month.”

Among a series of strategies covered at the press conference, the one that generated the most buzz was Abbott’s announcement that Texas will begin using charter buses to ship illegal immigrants to Washington D.C.

Potentially millions of illegals will cross the border in the coming months, and two of America’s most directly impacted states are taking direct action to alleviate the strain caused by such mass illegal immigration waves, while at the same time sending a pointed message to liberal America and the Biden Administration.

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