The Youtuber AwakenWithJP posted a satirical video about mandatory life jackets, drawing obvious parallels to the COVID mask and vaccine mandates.

“You gotta wear a life jacket or else you can’t come in” the annoying, liberal man says. We’ve all had interactions with pro-mask people like him with condescending attitudes like this.

The Youtuber makes many analogies to the current COVID hysteria, like getting wet and getting sick, wearing a life vest and wearing a mask, and so on.

“Cases of people getting wet are going through the roof. It’s a scary time. Put it on.”

“But that doesn’t mean they’re drowning, people get wet every day, it’s part of life.”

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“So what, you just think your body has this natural ability to traverse through water in a way that keeps your head up so you can still breathe?” “Yeah, it’s called swimming.”

“Never heard of it. Flotation devices are backed by science. You don’t believe in science?” “I do, it’s just…I know how to swim!”

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And of course, “their life jackets won’t work unless you put one on.”

You can watch the full video here:

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