Protesters affiliated with the group No Justice, No Pride blocked this year’s Capital Pride Parade on three separate occasions, delaying the parade and forcing participants to use an alternative route, in protest of the participation of police officers and certain corporate sponsors.

The No Justice, No Pride group first conducted its own march down the planned parade route with signs like “rainbows don’t cover death merchants” and “no pride in police violence.” They then blocked the route at 15th and P Streets NW. Police formed a barricade around the demonstrators, allowing them to continue the protest, while re-routing the official parade down 16th Street. No arrests have been reported. –The DCist

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Pride parade fans were furious over the hijacking of their parade by leftist activist groups like Black Lives Matter and lashed out at the thugs who forced them to re-route the parade:

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The video below shows an interesting exchange that took place during the parade. A female leftist activist attempts to explain to a male gay parade participant that his definition of “pride” no longer exists, and that in fact, the radical groups who are hijacking their planned parade have redefined what “pride” will now mean:

This gay Democrat suggested that the protesters should commit mass suicide:

This “pride” participant was clearly not happy with the leftist agitators:


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