Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most outspoken advocates for man-made global climate-change in America, he is also of the biggest hypocrites. Thanks to alternative news sources,  DiCaprio has been “outed” more than once for his extravagant energy- wasting lifestyle. The lifestyles of climate change advocates like DiCaprio and Al Gore are being questioned every day by reasonable people who want to know why these self-appointed climate change czars are asking everyday citizens to adjust the way they live, while these hypocrites continue to travel by jet or on board massive private yachts with absolutely no reasonable explanation.

It looks like DiCaprio is sick and tired of being called a “hypocrite” and has traded in the private jets in favor of doing the unimaginable…traveling with the common man on a commercial flight.

Leo DiCaprio is currently shoring up environmentally friendly plans for his foundation’s annual gala and auction in St-Tropez, sources tell us.

We hear that the star is ditching any private jets and will fly commercial to the glitzy French fête on Wednesday. –NYP

Perhaps DiCaprio doesn’t want to be the laughing stock of the climate change crowd again this year, like last year when he was caught making several trips across the world by private jets to attend glitzy climate-change events.

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In May 2016, Leonardo DiCaprio took a private jet twice to pick up an environmental award in New York – before flying back to a glitzy gala in France.

The actor and environmentalist, 41, was spotted in Cannes, where the Film Festival is currently underway.

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But he left the French Riviera for a brief trip to New York City, where he collected an honor at the Riverkeeper Fishermen’s Ball on Wednesday, Page Six reported.

He then hopped back on another private jet to attend the amfAR gala in Antibes, about eight miles from Cannes, just 24 hours later.

DiCaprio has been accused of hypocrisy as he can often be heard preaching about saving the environment and fighting climate change – while taking private jets to do so.

The actor, who turned his Oscars speech into a pressing warning against climate change in February, accumulated more than 8,000 of air travel in just a couple of days.




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