Just weeks ago, the phrase ‘Let’s go Brandon!’ became the rallying cry for the ‘F Joe Biden’ chant (see previous report below). It’s a brilliant way to sneak the ‘F Joe Biden’ chant into everyday interviews on TV. One example popped up during a live interview on Fox News when a man brilliantly snuck in the line at the end. Watch Will Cain’s face light up.

Here’s another example flying over the Trump rally yesterday in Iowa:

Several signs popped up during College Gameday:

The safer code phrase for ‘F Joe Biden’ is brilliant. How can the leftist media ban ‘Let’s go Brandon’? They can’t and that’s the beauty of it all.


A reporter for NBC was trying to interview NASCAR driver Brandon Brown when America’s favorite chant began. The “F Joe Biden” chant has been breaking out at sporting events all across America.

The reporter tried desperately to distract by saying the crowd was chanting “Let’s go Branden” when it’s clearly not the case. She tried to talk over the chants, but that didn’t work either.

This is classic and a perfect example of fake news:

The media is evil.

Priceless! “Brandon” is even trending on Twitter:

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