Saturday Night Live used to love Donald Trump.

Comedians used to love Donald Trump.

David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, and Stephen Colbert, all avowed Trump haters loved to have Donald Trump appear on their late night shows.

Only two years ago, Trump was the host of the SNL show.

Everything changed, however, when Hillary Clinton suffered a stunning loss in the 2016 election, and Donald J. Trump became President of the United States.

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Most Americans were stunned by the hate projected by so-called comedians at a man who sacrificed everything to give every American citizen a shot at the American dream. Ever since President Trump announced his desire to run for President as a Republican, it’s been hard to find any reason to give credit to any of the late-night comedians, and especially to SNL, a show that has spent much of the past two years unfairly trashing and misrepresenting our President and anyone attached to him.

That’s why this video of the Saturday Night Live cast and their guest host, liberal activist actress, Scarlet Johansson, poking fun at themselves for admitting to a scary, groupthink hate for President Trump, is somewhat shocking and especially funny.

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Watch Scarlett Johansson, who is playing a scientist working for “Innotech”. During the skit, Johansson, whose group is looking for funding for their new invention, presents a contraption that fits over her dog’s head, that gives them the ability to scan the household pet’s mind and translate their thoughts to its owner. The liberal scientists and liberal panel assessing the invention get a big surprise when they discover Johansson’s dog is a Trump supporter. Every time the dog is asked a question, he brilliantly destroys every one of their anti-Trump talking points.

Watch and enjoy!

This show aired in March 2016, only three months after President Trump’s inauguration.

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