The days of liberal hosts controlling the narrative are over. Trump has emboldened conservatives and showed them the art of exposing the liberal media’s false narrative for all the world to see…

On Saturday, MSNBC’s Joy Reid repeatedly attempted to race-bait former Republican congressman J.D. Hayworth on her show AM Joy. NewsBusters reported that the claims that Reid threw at Hayworth ranged from “false to misleading.”

Joy started out by asking if Hayworth had any “discomfort” that an “undocumented” woman walked into a courtroom to file a protection order against an abusive boyfriend (no mention of his residency status) and was met with ICE agents who arrested her (The job of an ICE agent is to arrest people who illegally cross our borders). An alternative version would be: A woman who has broken our laws, and living in our country ILLEGALLY, was arrested after walking into a courthouse to ask for the same protections afforded to taxpaying US citizens, after it was discovered that she is also a lawbreaker.

However it wasn’t until Hayworth exposed Reid’s liberal hypocrisy by bringing up the fact that Elizabeth Warren is not Native-American that Reid flipped out and kicked the GOP guest off the show.

Via: Gateway Pundit

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