Libertarian presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen had to cancel a planned campaign rally appearance set for Saturday after she was bit by a bat.

Jorgensen has been an official member of the Libertarian Party since 1983. She served as Harry Browne’s running mate during the party’s 1996 campaign. Jorgensen was expected to stump across Louisiana and Mississippi on Saturday, but will miss the first event of the weekend.

“I will not be able to attend the campaign rally tomorrow morning. I will be getting a rabies vaccine as a precaution after having been bitten by a bat near the start of this campaign tour,” Jorgensen tweeted Friday. Jorgensen’s campaign wrote on Facebook that she would get a rabies vaccine on the advice of her doctor, though she later tweeted that she did not believe the bat was rabid. Initial scares of the China-virus claimed that the pandemic started with a bat, but no evidence has been found proving this alleged cause.

The candidate indicated she was still planning on attending events for her campaign on Saturday afternoon in Mississippi.

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Jorgensen, who has registered around 3 percent support in recent state polls, appeared to be taking the incident in stride, tweeting multiple bat-related posts Friday night.

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She later posted a clip of the fictional character, Bat-Girl. The professional psychologist and university lecturer is running for president with a slate of policies that would hugely reduce the role of both federal and state governments, while promoting a less restrained free market. In the 2016 election, her predecessor Gary Johnson won just four million votes across the country.

It is unclear where Jorgensen was bitten by the bat, but such rabies infected animals are present in every American state except Hawaii, according to information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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