Hollywood actor and liberal freak Shia LaBeouf just got trolled by Trump supporters who outsmarted him in the best possible way.

In November after Trump won the election, intolerant snowflakes across America started to show their true colors and in the case of Shia LaBeouf, things got pretty ugly.

“Tolerant” Hollywood liberal actor Shia LaBeouf was caught on camera screaming over and over again in a young Trump supporters face: “He Will Not Divide Us!”…

WARNING: It’s pretty hard to watch the insanely angry actor screaming in this innocent looking young boy’s face. The young boy stands his ground and appears to be trying to ignore him, which doesn’t stop Labeouf from bullying him.

LaBeouf set up a camera outside of the Museum of the Moving Image in NYC, inviting other Trump haters to join him as they shout down Trump supporters. Eventually Labeouf was forced to move his idiotic display. But that didn’t stop him or his ignorant shenanigans showing just how intolerant liberal actors really are. Unfortunately for Labeouf, he was no match for Trump supporters who pulled the ultimate “capture the flag” on him…

WATCH here:

Shia LaBeouf moves his flag to an undisclosed location. But the trolls found it. The video of the skullduggery was put to epic music below, and I’m sorry – but I just cannot stop laughing.

They put the flag capture to German patriotic folk music. Oh man. I just cannot stop laughing. h/t-Conservative Treehouse


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