Liberals are always so welcome and tolerant when it comes to helping the downtrodden or the “less fortunate,” as long as they don’t have to get their hands dirty, or as long as the “less fortunate’ who in this case happen to be refugees, don’t invade their neighborhoods or personal space. These interviewers do a brilliant job of exposing the left and their hypocrisy when they ask them how they feel about migrants (or refugees). Of course, every bleeding heart liberal, as one would expect, thinks bringing refugees over to France is a great idea. They even agree to house them when asked, that is, until they realize there’s a real live refugee waiting to come home with them. Thats when the hilarity ensues…

Watch this hilarious video from our British conservative friend Paul Joseph Watson (Twitter name:@PrisonPlanet) who does a brilliant job exposing the hypocrisy of the left: 

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