The Roseanne show, that first aired in 1988 is back, and liberals aren’t happy about it.

The show that features the hilarious antics of the Connor family, with the brilliant comedic actors Roseanne Barr and John Goodman at the helm, is back.  Viewers may be shocked after watching the trailer being used to promote the show, how much the new Roseanne show resembles the one they fell in love with, in the 80’s and 90’s.

The sitcom debuts March 27 on ABC.


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Not everyone, however, is thrilled to see Roseanne Barr’s namesake show make a comeback…

Real-life Donald Trump supporter, Roseanne Barr made liberal heads explode after she announced her character will be playing a working-class Trump supporter on the new Roseanne show. Even before Roseanne announced her character will be portrayed as a Trump supporter, liberals were calling for a boycott of her show over her real-life support for our President.

“I’ve always attempted to portray a realistic portrait of the American people and of working-class people. And in fact, it was working class people who elected Trump.” -Roseanne Barr

In December 2017, Barr tweeted about her desire to see “people come together”.

I am extremely proud and excited for the world to see ROSEANNE on ABC! I’m fully committed to its artistic success & I loved working with all of the amazing people that made Season 10 ONE OF THE BEST EVER!! I honestly hope 2018 is a year where people come together. Thank you!

Many Roseanne supporters tweeted about how excited they were to see the show making a comeback.
The “Trump Super PAC” tweeted: Congratulations to ! The trailer to her reboot of  was hysterical. The entire family was laughing. This might be the first reboot in history to be better than the original!

“Jillian Horgan” tweeted: I can’t wait for it’s gonna be like a family reunion. Actually I’ll be more excited by this then seeing some of my actual relatives.

“Alyssa” tweeted: I have been waiting for to make me laugh all over again!! Can’t wait! See you on the 27th!!

“Guy Richards” tweeted: One of the best shows TV ever had????????

This “deplorable” Twitter user pointed out that while the Oscars was being aired on TV, the new reboot of  #Roseanne show was getting more attention on Twitter: Roseanne Is Trending Higher Than All The Pompous Hollywood Moonbats Who Actually Won An Award At The … Roseanne Was The Real Winner Of The Oscars ????

“melaniegore” nailed it with this tweet: Looking at the TL of hashtag and you see what the left thinks about Americans. Looks just like election night. They know what’s best……or so they think. ????????

The Left seemed to be having a very difficult time, however, coming to terms with the fact that there might be one show of literally hundreds of choices on TV, where the main character supports our President.

Here are some of the samples of tweets from angry, and “disappointed” Twitter users over the fact that ABC would dare to air a show with a character who supports our President.

We’ll start with the guy who would rather be reinfected with poison ivy than watch a “Roseanne” reboot. Here’s how we replied:

Twitter user “Anne Sagebiel” showed her tolerance for the other half of America who has a different political ideology than hers by calling them “deplorables” and “assholes”. These are the same people walking around with “Love Trumps Hate” signs, by the way.

This “tolerant” Trump hater, who goes by the name of “Chuck” calls the Roseanne show a “little trailer trash fairy tale”.

Although “Ole Tippecanoe” never watched a single new episode of “Roseanne”, he claims he can’t support it now because it’s a “toxic waste dump full of hate”:

“RESISTNYC” Used to “love the show’ but can’t watch it anymore, because this grown man can’t “reconcile” with Roseanne’s opposing political views. Very sad…

And finally,  from “Erica”: I loved the original A LOT I refuse to watch and or support anything that Trump-supporting Roseanne does.


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