Pepsi got hammered by just about everyone for their lame attempt at glamorizing anti-Trump and Black Lives Matter violent protesters in an ad campaign with Kendall Jenner that made protesters look like they popped off the pages of a J. Crew magazine for a party/protest.

Here’s the Pepsi ad:

The marketing team for Pepsi really needs to review the actual footage of these violent Antifa and Soros-funded Democrat thugs, because in reality they are about as far away from the pages of  J. Crew as they could possibly be.

Here’s a picture of the Antifa protesters in Berkeley, CA taken at today’s rally.

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Sorry Pepsi, we’re just not seeing the resemblance…


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PRICELESS! This Trump supporter couldn’t have done a better a better job of mocking Pepsi with this is perfect shot of a Pepsi can in front of Antifa terrorists in the background: 

Oh, and next time Pepsi wants to make light of the “fun protests” that are taking place across a very divided America, they might want to bring the fake blood. The anti-Trump terrorists and the Black Lives Matter thugs don’t just threaten anyone who disagrees with them, they leave them bloodied and beaten. Here are just a few of the photos of Trump supporters that were taken today at Berkeley, California after anti-Trump terrorists once again used violence to shut down anyone who disagrees with their political views. Cheers Pepsi…

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Here’s what a real protest in a post-Obama world looks like…a far cry from Pepsi’s glamorized version:

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