Michigan resident Rob Cortis is without a doubt, one of President Trump’s biggest supporters. Cortis is the creator and owner of the Trump Unity Bridge that’s been traveling across America for the past two years. Rob’s dream is to take his bridge and his message of unity and peace across America to all 48 mainland states. He claims the Pope’s message to President Trump about building bridges instead of walls is what inspired him to build his Unity Bridge. Cortis’ bridge has made its way to some unlikely spots, including Times Square in New York City, Trump’s star along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and accidentally, smack dab in the middle of the Women’s March in D.C.

Cortis makes no bones about it; his Trump Unity Bridge is all about spreading a positive message of peace, unity, and love. Unfortunately, for Rob, the left is not so eager to accept his message. He’s been featured on Fox and Friends, and he’s been a guest at Mar-a-Lago. Cortis can frequently be found at most of Trump’s massive rallies, where he makes it his business to pump up the massive crowd of Trump supporters waiting in line for hours to get the chance to see one of Trump’s historic rallies.

Only days before the 2016 election, Trump’s youngest son, Eric, recognized his efforts in a tweet about the Trump Unity Bridge, saying: “Now this is a serious Trump fan! Thank you!!! #FanOfTheDay #Michigan #TrumpBridge

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Not everyone, however, is interested in Cortis’ message of unity. To the left, Cortis’ message of unity is about as welcome as an envelope filled with Anthrax. The hilarious video below is a perfect example of how the left is still suffering from the unhealed wounds that still remain, two and a half years after Hillary lost the 2016 presidential election.


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The day after bringing the Trump Unity Bridge to D.C. to attend President Trump’s inauguration, Cortis attempted to head out of the city. Unfortunately, for Cortis, he was spotted by a massive group of rabid feminazis and friends, at the Women’s March in D.C., who went out of their way to keep Rob from leaving the D.C. area where they marched. Police escorts and riot police were called in to keep the Trump Unity Bridge moving and keep the passengers safe.

The left clearly wasn’t interested in hearing any part of Cortis’ message. Eventually, the crowds of protestors got so big that the riot police had to be called in.

This stunning video shows the vitriol and hatred that was spewed at Cortis and his friends as they attempted to pull the Trump Unity Bridge out of D.C. and head back to Michigan. Cortis said later that he was told groups of protesters were tracking his movement and notifying others on his route where he would be next, so they could shut down the roads with human barricades to prevent him from leaving.


In the video below, Rob Cortis can be heard talking to the crowds converging on his Trump Unity Bridge. As the protesters close in on him, Cortis bravely talks to the crowd, telling them, “We all need peace. We all need unity. We all need to come together.” Cortis told them, “We all need to spread unity. We need to spread peace. We have the right for our message to be heard; you have the right for your message to be heard.” Let’s have one America, let’s have one nation…one group of people working together to have a strong nation. We all need to work together.”

Rob kicks off his Trump 2020 Unity Bridge Tour across the United States in a couple of weeks. Along the way, he’s passing out Trump hat 2020 bumper stickers, with a focus on college students, although he’ll give them out to anyone who wants to show their support for our President. Pulling his massive float behind him across the United States isn’t cheap, and he relies on donations from Americans who support President Trump and Rob’s message of unity.

We’re announcing our support for Rob Cortis and his Trump Unity Bridge today, and we’re asking everyone to consider donating to his GoFundMe account. His goal is $50,000, but it will cost a lot more for Rob to haul his unity float across America.

Please consider making a donation to a great cause, and to a great patriot, by clicking HERE.

If you have a Tea Party, a pro-Trump or pro-border wall rally, or even a large conservative event,  in any of the 48 mainland states, and you’d like to the Unity Bridge to be there, contact Rob Cortis by clicking  his CONTACT button on his website: RobCortis.com

Rob Cortis showed up to both of the rallies for Trump’s border wall that we co-hosted in Michigan. Thanks to Rob, everyone had a little more fun. Even though the temperatures were in the negative territory with the wind chill factored in, everyone had a great time, thanks to Rob and his Unity Bridge.

Michigan For The Wall Rally, February 9, 2019.  Sterling Heights, MI

Women For the Wall Rally, January, 26, 2019. Bloomfield Hills, MI


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