To many, globalists like Joe Biden seem very eager to manage the swift decline of America and Western society.  One way they do this is through gender identity politics.  Through these teachings, they seem to be trying to destroy the masculinity, determination, and strength of our society while promoting physical and intellectual chaos and disintegrating femininity among women.   This is perhaps most evident in our our military.

China has overtaken our economy and Navy and is seeking to build genetically altered masculine super-soldiers in order to completely dominate America and the globe by before 2030.  The globalist Biden response?  Allow transgender people and more females into the US military while persecuting masculine conservative males as ‘white supremacist’s’ and ‘domestic terrorists.’

Tucker Carlson previously did an excellent segment on this topic.  In it, he highlights the growing trend in the US military that is dismantling its strength as China’s military grows exponentially year-over-year.

However, perhaps nothing is more telling about the lie of critical race theory and identity politics than witnessing it first-hand.

In the 1-minute video below, we see two military service personnel.  One is female, the other is male.  In under one minute, a subtle difference between the two is exposed.

Can you spot the difference?


This has led many to one obvious conclusion:

She loosened it for him.

No one is denying that females can and do play important roles in the military.  That would be stupid.  But to deny that females and males possess different strengths and weaknesses defies logic, biology, and credulity.  We must promote people based upon merit and ability, not irrational divisive theories that defy the physical biological laws of humanity.

In America, we are all equal, not identical.

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