The video below is hilarious and was taken by a couple who are Republicans. They just wanted to visit the North Carolina State House. The self-identified “nerd,” Benji Irby, says he just wanted to visit the location when he saw a BLM protest with no black people.

The laughter from Benji and Shemeka Michelle is so infectious. Shemeka called the protest “foolishness,” which is really a perfect way to describe it.

This manufactured money-grabbing movement has been co-opted, but the sheeple just haven’t realized it yet.

Enjoy this light moment with this couple who get it:

Me and Shemeka Michelle at the North Carolina State Capitol.

I was coming here to be a nerd and add this to my collection of State Capitol selfies when we ran into a #BlackLivesMatter protest…with NO BLACK PEOPLE!

Should we go over there & ruin their day right now?

These two conservative Americans are brave and so much fun to follow on Twitter. Shemeka posted a video of white people “pandering”:


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