David Hogg is back. It was getting a little bit quiet around here as we haven’t heard much from the Democrat puppet in quite some time. You know, that skinny kid from the Parkland shooting that likes to ride his bike and advocate to take away your second amendment rights! That David Hogg. At first, you might have thought “who” and then you see his face and you instantly remember.

Just when you thought the fake and misleading news about the ICE agent arresting the man for a homicide warrant, but leftists leaving out the homicide part so that ICE looked bad was enough funny news for the week. Here we go again on our own, just another travel down the road of laughter as the guy who mimics Flat Stanley in stature talks up a big one in his interview with NY Mag.

Let me present to you exhibit A) gun grabbing anti-2A puppet of the Democrats, David Hogg, who is now calling out another Democrat, Nancy Pelosi. He also declares who he thinks is a future president and that answer alone will have you tearing up in laughter. This is getting good and I’m filling up on the popcorn!!

Extra butter on mine please, because this is America and love some good old-fashioned political drama where the people on the same side verbally bash each other. It’s time to dig into some greasy kernels of laughter and get the show started!

David Hogg was recently on the cover of New York Magazine. He was also interviewed and what he said about Nancy Pelosi was great and surely had people laughing. Of course, then you remember that Hogg is essentially attacking the same people who could one day help him get a job since he’s not going to college this year. This is the left-eat-left mentality and it’s looking absolutely hilarious right now.

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Here’s what David Hogg said about Nancy Pelosi, courtesy of NY Mag:
“The reason Republicans are successful right now is because they’re empowering young people,” he told me, pointing out that Paul Ryan was 45 when he became Speaker of the House. “Older Democrats just won’t move the f-ck off the plate and let us take control. Nancy Pelosi is old.”

Thank you, David Hogg, for pointing out something we already know. Thank you for telling the truth about a fact that is already all over the planet. What would we do without David Hogg and his obvious information? Either way, it’s hilarious because he’s basically attacking her for her age. Isn’t being an age-ist something that leftists would discourage from? Hmmm, is David Hogg going to become a Republican?

What did David Hogg say about that socialist Democrat who recently banned the press from a public event, and also makes gaffe after gaffe, making it exceptionally easy to crack jokes about her all day long on social media?

Then again, as per the NY Mag tells us who David Hogg thinks will be a future President of the United States. “He believes that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is “a future president of the United States.”

Surely, he can’t be serious? He is serious, and don’t call me Shirley!

I’m not sure Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would be a very strong candidate for POTUS considering there’s even people on her own side of politics who can’t take her seriously. It just doesn’t seem like something she would be capabale of handling and most people don’t want their beloved America to end up like socialist destroyed Venezuela.

As for his comments about Nancy Pelosi, well he’s just barking up the wrong old-age tree right there. You’d think a younger guy like Hogg would be kissing up to some people who have a well known status and higher rank in the political field, but it seems like he isn’t interested in that.

At least he was honest with his words about Nancy Pelosi. She’s 78-years-old and should’ve been forced to retire at 65.

Regardless, he still appears to be another one of the puppets of politics. Going to trade school or college would serve him well.

Just so you know, these pictures are for entertainment purposes only. David Hogg is not a real human-sized puppet and that is simply a joke. We have to say that because some people on the liberal side of politics take these things seriously and aren’t always able to determine what’s real and what’s made for laughs.

Sometimes we can’t either whenever this guy talks.


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