We’ve seen the overpriced t-shirts before from other candidates but The Hillary Clinton store takes it to a new level…. “everyday items made by everyday people”? Gag!  Something about this is just so snake oil salesmanish…you know, like a grifter who comes into town selling overpriced chachkies…

The champion of the little people isn’t above selling them overpriced T-shirts.


Or $65 hoodies, $35 tote bags and $25 onesies, all of which were hawked at a tent set up at Hillary Rodham Clinton’s coming-out party on Roosevelt Island.
Clinton also wrapped up her big speech with a pitch for cash.
“I want you to join me in this effort . . . Go to hillaryclinton.com,” she said.
Those who followed her instructions were met with the message: “Just go ahead and donate!” with suggested amounts of $5 to the upper limit $2,700.
Clicking past pitches for donations on the site takes visitors to the Clinton store, where “everyday items made by everyday Americans” include a $55 throw pillow, a $35 baseball cap, a $25 pair of pint glasses and a $30 tee proclaiming, “Women’s Rights are Human Rights” (available in women’s sizes only).

Via: NYP

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