Last night during the third debate, FOX News’ Chris Wallace asked Donald J. Trump if he would accept the election results? With multiple stories of voter fraud being committed by Democrats across the nation and a video (see below) proving that the DNC and Hillary’s campaign are coordinating with criminals to plan massive voter fraud, why would Trump make a statement that he was willing to accept the outcome of the election regardless of how it may be won? Hillary chastised Trump for having VERY LEGITIMATE concerns over the potential for voter fraud to swing the election. Her admonishment was carried by every mainstream media outlet, but wait…what about the Al Gore election result?

Here’s the exchange:

Here’s Hillary discussing Al Gore’s contested election to CNN’s Larry King: “From everything I’ve seen and heard, ah… more people did intend to vote for Vice President Al Gore. I hope there still will be an opportunity to have the votes counted. I think that”s the best for whoever is inaugurated.”

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Watch Al Gore’s announce at a press conference in 2000, that he will continue to contest the results of the election and even suggests the Republicans committed voter fraud in the hotly contested 2000 election against George W. Bush.


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Al Gore even goes as far as to suggest the GOP prevented blacks from voting (a common Democratic Party tactic). He makes it perfectly clear that he will not concede the election until the Supreme Court makes a decision on the election:

And more recently, here is Hillary nodding in agreement with her small crowd of supporters as they chant “You won!” to her featured guest, professional liar and con-man Al Gore:

Watch Jr. Senator Barack Obama suggest the results of the Florida Supreme Court decision on the Bush-Gore election was incorrect (challenging the election results):

WATCH this video and then tell us if you would accept the results of the election if the race is close and Hillary wins:

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