Poor Bernie. He’s been a public servant his whole life and what does he have to show for it? After Hillary stole the election from him, he still agreed to endorse her. Suddenly, Bernie had enough money to buy 3rd home on beautiful Lake Champlain, where the one-percenters Bernie rails against call home. What’s in it for Bernie now? Why, after months of being silent, is he hitting the campaign trail for Hillary? Could he and his lovely wife be in the market for a 4th home? Perhaps he’s vying a cabinet position? What about Secretary of Free Sh*t For Everyone? Who better for such a position than the self-described Socialist who rails against the 1%, while simultaneously enjoying the lifestyle of the rich and famous.


Ahh…the hypocrisy of the Left. There’s nothing quite like it… 

Hillary Clinton, campaigning here Wednesday with Sen. Bernie Sanders, worked to sway millennial voters by promoting a plan to make public college tuition-free for working families.

In a University of New Hampshire gym packed with students, Clinton sought to connect with those facing sometimes insurmountable college debt. Clinton said that when she graduated from college herself, she repaid her loans as a percentage of her income, which allowed her to take a low-paying public service job with the Children’s Defense Fund.

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“I could never have done that if I had the kind of interest rates a lot of people are facing,” she told a crowd estimated at 1,200. “We are going to fix it. This is wrong.”

Clinton said when she taught law in Arkansas she met many students who scraped together money for tuition but were sidelined by financial hardships, including broken-down cars or child-care problems.

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Clinton noted that New Hampshire has the highest proportion of students with debt and the second-highest average debt per student. She said she aims to make public colleges and universities tuition-free for families earning less than $125,000 per year, to make community college free, and to help students refinance their college debt.

“When you add it up, our plan will help millions of people save thousands of dollars,” she said. –USA Today

Yeah…because giving people free sh*t that would normally cost tens of thousands and in some cases even hundreds of thousands of dollars to people who are unwilling to sacrifice and work hard to pay off their debt obligations, while asking hard-working Americans who can barely make their own ends meet, to pick up the students’ tab is a great idea. That ought to go over real well with the working Americans you’re asking to pay for your ridiculous vote getting scheme Hillary…

For anyone who has the stomach, here is their rally together in its entirety:



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