Everyone is so busy paying attention to Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his pending confirmation into the Supreme Court, whose situation is muddled by weak accusations of sexual assault by Christine Blasey Ford who came out of nowhere with a story from over thirty years ago, and we probably all forgot a little bit about Hillary Clinton. Well, she didn’t like that and she just had to put her two cents into the mix.

Hillary Clinton showed up on a late night talk show and had a ‘fair request’ that the FBI investigates Kavanaugh.

Who needs secret emails or servers when she can use “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” as her platform to send a message to the FBI?

She was technically on the show to promote her “What Happened” book and Colbert jumped into the sea of questions that were relevant to Kavanaugh and Ford.

Kavanaugh was just getting ready to be voted in, but of course, the Democratic Party sideshow came to town in hopes to derail the confirmation. It’s working so far because we’re already pushing things back to next Thursday where Ford and her attorney/s claim she will show up and speak her story. She was supposed to be there tomorrow, Monday, but claimed she couldn’t do Monday. The GOP gave in and allowed it to be pushed back. Of course, that’s a double-edged sword. If they didn’t give in, then Democrats would’ve blamed them for not accommodating Ford.

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Ford is scheduled for Thursday to speak in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, but who knows what will actually happen that day.

While Clinton was on Colbert’s show, they talked about Kavanaugh’s situation and how Ford’s side requested an FBI investigation into Kavanaugh.

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Clinton agreed with the FBI investigation. She stated, as per Fox News: “I’m hoping that at some point there will be an agreement to have an investigation. It would be very easy for the FBI to go back and finish the background investigation, to investigate these charges. And, you know maybe find out there’s nothing to them, maybe find out there is something to them. But, at least have that investigation completed. I think that’s a fair request for a due process to be asked for…”

She then confirmed her thoughts on the FBI investigation by straight up saying: “Have an investigation, it won’t take that long… Let the investigation go forward, present it and then go from there.”

There’s just one thing.

What is the point of holding an investigation on Brett Kavanaugh when the rest of Christine Blasey Ford’s story doesn’t match up?

I think if we had an investigation, that something would come up that might actually go against Christine Blasey Ford and some big-time Democrats.

Here’s the video of Hillary and what she said, specifically.

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