2016’s presidential runner-up and first place loser Hillary Clinton was Tweeting faster than Donald Trump when she went on a miniature tirade talking about families who are separated at the border of the United States and Mexico. Mostly, she was talking about the children who are kept in a center until a parent comes to claim them – if they show up at all. She’s talking about the way children are held in a facility, a practice that was going on long before Donald Trump beat her in the election for president.

She doesn’t usually post this many messages like this, so it caught the eyes of readers and they were in for a treat. Let’s see what the woman who is not the president has to say.

“There’s a lot going on right now—understatement of the year.

The separation of families and the failure of the administration to reunite them has been eclipsed in the news in recent days, but these tragic circumstances persist.

Here are some of the latest developments:”

There is a lot going on. Have you seen the unemployment numbers? How about the stock market? How about the tax cuts? Lots of good stuff that she should check out.

She should also check out how the family of Kate Steinle and Mollie Tibbetts are doing. Has she heard about those families who were separated?

“First, it’s been nearly five weeks since the deadline for the administration to reunite families they separated at the border, but 528 children are still waiting to see their parents again.”

What is holding up their parents from picking them up? Could it be that the administration can’t force people to show up to pick up their kids who were likely forced to sneak into America in hopes to bring their parents over later?

How many weeks has it been since Mollie Tibbetts family has seen their daughter?

“The administration is deporting people back to slavery:”

Hillary linked to an opinions piece.  We have modern-day slavery too. It’s called the smartphone and people are chained to them.

Also, I bet Mollie Tibbetts and Kate Steinle would like to be on their smartphone right now.

“Child welfare officials in Texas are investigating the death of a young girl who died after alleged inadequate treatment while she was being held with her mother in a detention facility:”

That is genuinly horrible. Just as horrible as an illegal immigrant killing Kate Steinle and Mollie Tibbetts who Hillary Clinton still hasn’t mentioned being separated from their family.

Another concept to think about is that if the mother and her child came to the country legally, then they wouldn’t be in the facility. The people responsible for medical care should be investigated and fired if they’re caught doing anything wrong. If it’s their job to take care of people, then they need to make sure that the people who are being held in the facility are taken care of. That’s a human element. You don’t work in the medical field unless you care about people. Mistakes happen, but they should still be investigated.

They should be investigated just like every criminal illegal immigrant living in a sanctuary city who might have a violent charge on their criminal record.

“This heartbreaking video from the ACLU shows the consequences of separation:”

At this poin,t Hillary has now posted an opinion piece, a link to CNN, and some generic video that is supposed to tug on our heart strings. It’s not working because Hillary still refuses to look at the other side of the topic here and that revolves around illegal immigrants harming Americans. People are getting raped and murdered by illegal immigrants and Hillary is worried about the family separation that her husband likely helped put in place. I’m not 100% sure, but didn’t Bill Clinton have some big immigration reforms in 1996? I’ll leave you to research that on your own. My goal here is to remind readers that Hillary Clinton is trying to pull on people’s emotions while ignoring the fact that there are clearly criminals out there doing much worse than what’s going on at any facility holding children until their parents finally show up.

America is stuck running a big babysitting building while they wait for the family of illegal immigrant children to pick them up. Our taxes are probably paying for it.

“These are just a few of countless stories that we should never read about events happening within our borders.” I know some other stories that we shouldn’t have to read about. It’s the rapes and murders committed by illegal aliens, but Hillary won’t say it. I would happily give her credit if she talked about the crime from illegal immigrants while also talking about how to improve conditions at the facility in Texas. I fully support taking care of the children because they are nothing more than pawns running across the board for their king and queen at home. The kids deserve a chance at life and the parents pushing them over the border should have done this the legal way so they could one day gain entry and become a citizen who pays taxes like the rest of us.

This makes me wonder if Hillary was paid to post this. Does she end her message storm by asking for people to donate? She did all of those messages, links, and posting a donation link out of the kindness of her heart? Or was she paid? Why is she asking us to donate? Has she donated? If so, did she ever prove it or show how much? Is she offering to match anyone’s donations?

Allow me to remind people that it was her husband, the intern-loving Bill Clinton, who talked out against illegal aliens vehemently during the 1995 State of the Union. Barack Obama was interested in fighting illegal immigration as well. Obama was called the “deporter in chief” for a reason.


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