Yikes! Crooked Hillary will be remembered for a lot of things (most of them are criminal in nature). But the one thing she didn’t count on after jumping on the Stein recount wagon and being defeated a second time was the electors turning against her on a day they were supposed to be turning on Trump. Funny how karma has a way of making everything work out in the end…

Democrats were hoping yesterday’s Electoral Vote would end with electors rejecting Republican Donald Trump in droves.

It didn’t work out that way.
in fact Hillary Clinton lost more electors than Donald J. Trump.

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Trump lost two electors: One to Ron Paul and one to Governor John Kasich.
Hillary Clinton lost Five electors.

The Final Count:

8 Clinton defectors
4 WA (successful)
1 HI (successful)
1 MN (attempted)
1 ME (attempted)
1 CO (attempted)

2 Trump defectors
TX (successful)

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In fact Hillary Clinton lost more electors than any politician in the last 100 years.

Not since 1912 has a candidate lost more electors.


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