We should call her Slick Hillary after her husband’s nickname of Slick Willy. These two grifters are just all smoke and mirrors with not one ounce of truth spoken from either of them. It’s really shameful that this woman is such a crook and is the frontrunner for the Dem nomination! Pretty sick!

Hillary Clinton’s personal email server, now in possession of the Justice Department, contains no data from her time as secretary of state.

The emails it once contained were shifted onto a different server in June 2013 after Clinton tapped a Denver company to manage the system, according to a report from the Washington Post.

Platte River Networks assumed responsibility for the controversial email network after Clinton left her State Department post in 2013. The FBI visited Platte River’s offices last week as part of its investigation into the arrangement.

The technology firm transferred the server Clinton had used to host government communications from the basement of her Chappaqua, N.Y., home to a data center in New Jersey, where the FBI ultimately acquired the now-blank server late Wednesday afternoon.

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Via: Washington Examiner

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