Biden has presided over a nearly unprecedented inflation crisis, chaos at the border, a crime wave, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine all in just one year.

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s approval ratings were relatively high.  After a scandal during her tenure where she was caught using a private email server and some of its contents were released by Wikileaks in the October before the 2016 elections, she lost the election.

After some speculation that she would try to run for a third time in 2024, she ruled out another bid for President last month.  She still seems occasionally involves herself in politics by attacking President Trump and defending Biden’s failed presidency.

Today, twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said on NBC’s Meet the Press that she doesn’t understand why Biden’s poll numbers are so low.  Biden has been polling between the mid 30’s to the low 40’s over the last few months.


The Gateway Pundit Reports




Twice-failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday to discuss the global impact of Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Clinton said she doesn’t understand why more Americans aren’t throwing their support behind Joe Biden after his ‘accomplishments.’

“I’m not quite sure what the disconnect is between the accomplishments of the administration and this Congress and the understanding of what’s been done and the impact it will have on the American public and some of the polling and the ongoing hand-wringing,” Hillary Clinton said.

Biden’s job approval rating is hovering around 36% according to left-leaning polls.


“A lot of speculation is that this trouble for President Biden politically started with the chaotic withdrawal in Afghanistan,” Chuck Todd said. “Do you buy that?”

“I don’t think it helped,” Hillary Clinton said before rattling off about the conspiracy theory that Putin was planning a false flag attack as a pretext to invade Ukraine.

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