This is a video that Hillary doesn’t want you to see…

Hillary Clinton is a professional panderer. There is no vote she won’t attempt to secure, no matter the cost. In reality, her desire to gain the vote of young women in America will only harm her, as her call to stop the sexual assaults against women on campuses across America only shines a light one of the ugliest aspects of the Clinton Crime Syndicate. Bill’s pattern of sexual abuse, and Hillary’s willingness to sit back and watch will undoubtedly to come back to haunt them. Anyone who thought Hillary could get away with this phony compassion for women who are truly sexual victims, underestimates the disdain that women on both sides of the aisle have for her and her serial rapist husband.

Articles have now appeared in two left of center websites, VOX and Slate, noting that it’s hard to dismiss Ms. (Anita) Broderick (claims of sexual assault by Bill Clinton) given the new progressive consensus on believing victims. Well the injunction to believe victims gained currency among progressives because of a potent mix of gender theory and advocacy statistics.

The theory came from the legal scholar Catharine MacKinnon, who taught that: “Feminism is built on believing women’s accounts of sexual use and abuse and by men.” The statistics were supplied by activist researchers who claimed that women almost never lie about sexual assault. 

Now those activist statistics have been shredded, but among progressives, the doctrine of sexual victim infallibility, that lived on. But if victims are infallible, then those they accuse, must be presumed guilty. And that brings us to the Clintons. Hillary Clinton has signed on to that theory. Watch here:

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