In 2016, Hillary Clinton used bleach bit and hammers to destroy the evidence of classified information on her personal electronic devices. Now, as Donald Trump is facing federal charges for having classified documents at his Florida residence, Clinton has the nerve to brag about how she benefitted from the corrupt two-tiered legal system.

On Friday, following the announcement of Trump’s indictment, Clinton posted on social media bragging about how she got away with violating federal law when she used her personal email to send top secret information.

“Bringing this back in light of recent news,” Clinton wrote on Twitter, following this up with a link to purchase a hat that says “But Her Emails” on it, referencing her illegal removal and retention of classified documents – exactly what Trump is being accused of right now.

However, Trump actually had the power to declassify documents.

Clinton’s tweet sparked outrage among conservatives on Twitter who were appalled that she is bragging about benefitting from the Justice Department’s double standards.

Author and political commentator Glenn Greenwald retweeted Clinton’s absurd post, saying, “James Comey all but admitted Hillary committed felonies by mishandling classified information: setting up a private server in her home. They didn’t prosecute her because – as Comey revealed – he hated Trump and was desperate to see him lose. Now she thinks it’s funny.”

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) also pointed out Comey’s exoneration of Hillary Clinton as evidence of a corrupt legal system.

He tweeted, “Remembering James Comey’s exoneration of Hillary Clinton’s classified document obstruction saying: ‘No reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case…’ Corrupt double standard?”

Rep. Mike Waltz (R-Fl) joined in on the conversation, asking, “How is it Hillary Clinton can delete 33,000 government emails on a private server yet President Trump gets induced for having documents he could declassify?”

On the Kimberly Guilfoyle Show, Kash Patel, an attorney and former chief of staff to the US Secretary of Defense under President Trump, spoke about the corrupt DOJ, using Clinton’s crimes as an example.

“I’ve spent a career in government… and I’ve never seen the weaponization like I have when Donald Trump and his allies are the target,” said Patel.

“Six years ago it was a right-wing conspiracy when I dared to investigate Russiagate. But all roads lead back to Russiagate because the same co-conspirators at the FBI and DOJ and the folks in the media are the same ones running the same operation over and over,” he continued. “How does that happen? The only way it can happen is if you create a two-tier system of justice, where certain Americans are treated one way, and others are treated based on the law and the fact.”

Patel then pointed out that Clinton was not charged because “she was running for President of the United States and they wanted her to win.”

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