Do you think it’s a good idea for Hillary to bring in Bill and Barack to help with the campaign? This could backfire on her. You’ve got Bill who’s a serial sex offender and Barack who’s the world president in American history. I just have a feeling the American people are 100% FED Up! with these politicians. 

Hillary Clinton has begun drawing up a battle plan for how to defeat Donald Trump in a general election, which will include unleashing her husband and President Barack Obama as attack dogs.
As she seeks to become the first female US president Mrs Clinton will portray Mr Trump as a misogynist with a temper who ruthlessly preyed on the working class to make his billions.

Mr Obama has made clear he is eager to attack Mr Trump as not up to the job of president.
Mrs Clinton herself has already started using a rallying call to contrast with Mr Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again”. She has started telling audiences: “Make America Whole Again.”
Television advertisements are planned showing Mr Trump exploiting employees, making derogatory statements about women, and having tantrums that would make voters question his suitability for possessing the nuclear codes.
Investigators have been assigned to look through decades of Mr Trump’s financial filings with the securities and exchange commission.
Mr Trump has also started turning his fire on Mrs Clinton, calling for her to be criminally prosecuted over her use of a private email server when she was US secretary of state.
In a general election he will remorselessly bring up her husband’s sex scandal from the 1990s.

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