Are you paying attention America? A vote for Hillary is a vote for communist billionaire, and chaos financier George Soros. Her election has nothing to do with helping the working class or middle America. Hillary is beholden to Wall Street and one-world-order, communist freaks like George Soros who fund radical groups like Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street re-treads Occupy Spring. He and Hillary will ALWAYS put themselves and their massive fortunes before the little people. Isn’t it time to elect someone who really cares about America?

Watch Hillary boldly proclaim, “We are going to follow the money!”

Meanwhile…back to reality:

Billionaire investor George Soros has re-emerged this election cycle as a major Democratic donor, committing more than $25 million to Hillary Clinton and other party candidates and causes, according to Politico.

Soros has committed $5 million to a super PAC called Immigrant Voters Win that’s devoted to increasing turnout among low-propensity Hispanic voters in key swing states, though FEC records show he’d donated only $3 million through the end of June, the period covered by the most recent filings.

Soros spent roughly $27 million in a bid to unseat then-President George W. Bush in 2004 but later scaled back his giving, the website reported. Some associates of the Soros Fund Management chairman told Politico they expect him to give even more as Election Day approaches.

FOX News host, Bill O’Reilly does an excellent job of exposing the truth about billionaire radical George Soros and his anti-American intentions:

The Hungarian-born financier is worth $24.9 billion, according to Forbes’ most recent estimate, and his return as a big-time contributor will be a boon to the party as it seeks to retain control of the White House and regain a majority in the Senate.

Soros advisor Michael Vachon told Politico that Soros “has been a consistent donor to Democratic causes, but this year the political stakes are exceptionally high.”

Vachon confirmed to CNBC Politico’s report of the roughly $25 million in donations so far this cycle. Via: Politico


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