Hillary Clinton told Trevor Noah on the Daily Show that ‘of course’ there is a difference between paying for that information and colluding with Russia to influence the 2016 election…WHAT A LOAD OF BS! She’s trying to say that it’s a forgone conclusion that Trump colluded with Russia.
Clinton said the dossier was simply ‘opposition research’ and pointed to the fact that it was not public knowledge during the election…MORE BS! THE DOSSIER WAS PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE DURING THE ELECTION: The NYT even states that, “The document, a dossier prepared by a former British intelligence officer hired by Mr. Trump’s political opponents, had been circulating among high-ranking politicians and some journalists since last fall.” Mother Jones, a left-leaning publication, published an article in late October about the existence of the information. Newsweek also  published some of the allegations.

It’s what she doesn’t say that’s more important…

What she didn’t talk about is the fact that this dossier is totally fabricated and was never confirmed to be true but they shopped it around to the media anyway! She funneled millions into the payment for this dossier instead of using it for ‘legal services’. She faces an investigation from the Federal elections commission for misusing funds.

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Clinton said: ‘It was research that started by a Republican donor during the primary, and then when Trump got the nomination for the Republican Party, the people doing it came to my campaign lawyer and said, “would you like us to continue it?”

‘He said yes. He’s an experienced lawyer, he knows what the law is, he knows what opposition research is.


The dossier circulated in Washington last year and was turned over to the FBI for its review. It contends that Russia was engaged in a long-standing effort to aid Trump and had amassed compromising information about the Republican.

Among its wild claims was that Russian officials have videos of the president cavorting with prostitutes, filmed during Trump’s 2013 visit to a luxury Moscow hotel for the Miss Universe contest
It also contains a highly unusual and unsubstantiated report that the call girls performed a ‘golden shower’ routine that involved them urinating on a hotel bed as a sign of disgust for then-president Barack Obama.

It is claimed that Barack Obama’s campaign organization, Obama For America, paid Perkins Coie almost $1million to fund the research.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the disgraced former DNC chair, has also denied any knowledge of how the dossier was put together.

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