Hillary took time to pander to Haitians in South Florida today during another poorly attended campaign stop. While speaking to a room of what appears to be less than 10 people, Hillary begins to cough, and claims that she cares so much about helping the Haitian community, that, “It kind of chokes me up”. What “chokes” you up Hillary? Lying? Because we all know about the money you and Bill stole from Haiti. Instead of bragging about what you did, you should hang your heads in shame. (See video below Hillary’s choking video for the truth about Haiti). Hillary tries to suppress the cough but looks like she’s not going to be able to make that happen and cuts short her speech and turns around and away from the cameras. A person can be seen handing her a bottle of water at the end of the video. The coughing starts around the 3:12 minute mark.



Here’s the truth about the Clinton Foundation and how they “helped” the Haitians:



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