The Clintons always blame somebody else. Now it’s FBI Director James Comey’s turn to embody their all-purpose bogeyman, the vast right-wing conspiracy. Somebody, sometimes everybody, is out to get them, unfairly of course.

The victim card is a Clinton family heirloom, but there are major problems playing it over Comey’s sudden reopening of the e-mail probe.

Clinton created the mess with her incredibly stupid decision to use a private server as secretary of state. Virtually every major issue dogging her, including her reputation for chronic dishonesty, was started or exacerbated by that decision, including the current one.

Even as her top aides remain mystified about why she did it, the result fits the family pattern now that Huma Abedin, her most loyal “body” person, is on the hook. It was, by all accounts, the FBI’s criminal investigation into Abedin’s pervy husband, Anthony Weiner, that led to the new cache of suspect e-mails found on a computer the couple shared.

Clinton is in a no-win situation either way this plays out…This is serious and real but the Clintons don’t deal well with with serious and real. The live in their own entitled world that’s about to come tumbling down on them…one way or the other…

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Catherine Herridge had this to say about the FBI:

CATHERINE HERRIDGE, FOX NEWS CHIEF INTELLIGENCE CORRESPONDENT: Chris, a law enforcement source tells FOX News that thousands of records are involved. The New York FBI team assessed them as relevant, telling their colleagues on the Clinton e-mail case, quote, “We think we’ve come across some documents pertinent to your investigation.”

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Clinton wants the evidence public, which is not standard in ongoing cases.

HERRIDGE: A source close to the FBI probe could not recall issuing a subpoena for Abedin’s records, adding they did not believe the device shared by Abedin and Weiner was searched by agents. Abedin told the FBI in April that she sent State Department e-mails, including this one from Clinton, to her personal Yahoo account, where it was easier to print. In June, Abedin swore under oath in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit that she looked through all her devices that could old government e-mail.

On Thursday, FBI Director James Comey was briefed on the findings. And that same day, he decided to reinitiate the e-mail case and notify Congress. The director’s decision is described to FOX News as driven by the sheer volume of records and the commitment he made under oath.

That’s the reality…IT’S BAD!

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