A fire gutted the Florida home of a Navy veteran who had no insurance and has lost everything. Along with heavy damage, anti-Trump graffiti was sprayed on the house, inside and out. The family who lives there was spending the night with relatives, but Navy veteran Matthew Smith says his home was targeted because he is a Donald Trump supporter.

Smith flies three flags in front of his house: the American flag, the POW flag, and the Navy flag. “We supported Trump from when he started running for office,” says Matthew’s wife Brittany. “We never made it public. We never had a sign in our backyard, so no one really knew we were pro Trump.” But Matthew says he’s been very active on Facebook, with posts supporting Trump, the Second Amendment, and other conservative causes. Investigators are looking into possible connections with arsonists. Earlier this month, anti-Trump graffiti was sprayed on two mobile homes near Mango. Investigators say someone tried to light one of them on fire. The Smiths, who have two young children, say times have been hard recently.

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