Earlier in the week, Hillary told a Scranton, PA audience that she’s coming “out of the woods.”…Did she really mean the “closet?” Hillary was spotted across from Trump Towers yesterday with “gal pal” who has been credited by many for causing voters to turn against Hillary in the final hours of her campaign after after it was discovered that Hillary’s emails were on Huma’s alleged pedophile husband’s laptop. FBI Director James Comey reopened his investigation into the Hillary email scandal, which many believed caused her to lose in the general election. 

Two days ago Hillary Clinton told a Scranton, PA audience that she was “ready to come out of the woods.” She also addressed the division in our nation. She neglected to mention that the Democrats created the “divide” she talked about “healing” and that they continue to push behind the scenes, and even publicly to keep the “resistance” against Trump and his supporters alive.

The day after Hillary made her coming “out of the woods” speech, she was seen in New York City across from Trump Towers with Huma Abedin, who it has been rumored by many is more than just an aide. Given the sorry state of both of their marriages, it’s really not that hard to believe.

The former Secretary of State was photographed as she made her way to a waiting car after a day spent at the John Barrett Salon, showing off the results of her new $600 haircut and $600 dye job.
It was a softer and lighter look for Hillary, who likely never saw herself spending a Thursday afternoon inside a Fifth Avenue department store across the street from Trump Tower back in October.

Huma on the other hand seems to have tagged along for work purposes – with photos showing that Hillary’s longtime aide did not have anything done to her tresses on Thursday.

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Those same photos also show that she was tasked with carrying her boss’ bag in addition to her own on the way out, all while trying to maintain her balance on the ice-covered sidewalk outside the building.

In the end, Hillary’s biggest supporter was successful in getting both her $2,580 Prada Saffiano tote and her boss’ $2,435 Givenchy Antigona bag safely to the car before the group drove away from the department store.

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It appears that nothing has changed since the election. Hillary is still surrounded by people who walk closely behind and around her (Ready to catch her if she falls?). There also seems to someone on hand to carry her bags and purse (Are they too heavy for Granny Clinton?). And it can’t be overlooked that there is always seems to be someone ready to help her into the vehicle (see below):

hillary walking

huma prada bag

Hillary still doesn’t seem to walk too far away from an aide or in this case, her driver who is offering her help to get into the vehicle.

Helping hand: Hillary got a little guidance getting into her car from the driver (above)
Helping hand: Hillary got a little guidance getting into her car from the driver (above)

Human Abedin talks about her first meeting with Hillary Clinton. “I remember thinking, ‘Oh my god…she’s so beautiful.” ‘You know these things that happen in your life that just stick? She walked by and she shook my hand and our eyes connected and I just remember having this moment where I thought; “Wow, this is amazing,”‘ said Huma.

The Daily Mail reported in November, 2016 that Chelsea despises the relationship between her mother and Huma:

EXCLUSIVE: How Hillary Clinton massaged ’embarrassed’ Huma Abedin’s shoulders at an intimate Chappaqua get-together and jealous Chelsea treats Huma with undisguised contempt (when her mother isn’t around)

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3891194/How-Hillary-Clinton-massaged-embarrassed-Huma-Abedin-s-shoulders-intimate-Chappaqua-jealous-Chelsea-treats-Huma-undisguised-contempt.html#ixzz4bmlpM41g
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Huma Abedin came down the stairs in Chappaqua, rubbing her puffy eyes and looking a bit disheveled.

‘Did you get your power nap?’ Hillary asked.
She placed both hands on Huma’s neck and began massaging her shoulders.

‘Huma smiled, but looked embarrassed,’ recalled one of Hillary’s oldest friends, who had been invited along with a group of women to spend the afternoon with Hillary, and who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the Chappaqua get together was private. ‘Huma’s tough, but there are times when she can look like a shy little girl, especially when Hillary displays an interest in her in front of other people.’

Huma went off to a corner of the room to check on Hillary’s emails, and one of the women handed Hillary a glass of Chardonnay. After a sip, Hillary recounted a conversation she had had with her lawyer, David Kendall, about the enemies who were closing in on her from all sides.

Chelsea Clinton was respectful of Huma when her mother was around, but she treated Huma with undisguised contempt when Hillary wasn’t present. In fact, Chelsea seemed happiest when her mother chewed out Huma for doing something that displeased her.

h and h

Hillary was aware of Chelsea’s feelings, and she dismissed the whole thing as a case of natural sibling rivalry.

But the highly charged emotional triangle that existed among Hillary, Huma, and Chelsea was more complicated than that.

‘Unlike Hillary’s relationship with Huma, her relationship with Chelsea is remote and somewhat cold,’ said one of Hillary’s friends. ‘Chelsea is not a warm person. I’ve never seen them embrace or kiss on the cheek or show any sign of affection, except when they’re in public and putting on a show.’


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