In addition to be a disgusting criminal and an idiot, Jerome is also a Hillary supporter. His Twitter account clearly shows besides being an open criminal and racist, he’s also a Hillary supporter.

His bio shows support for #BlackLivesMatter and Hillary (#ImWithHer).


Jayrome Williams also tweets his support for Hillary:

hillary support tweet

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Here’s Jayrome (damn auto-correct keeps trying to make his name Jerome!) bragging about going out to loot businesses while taking advantage of cries for riots over death of armed black man running from police who refused to drop his stolen gun:

Jayrome specifically mentions the “White owned businesses” he’s gonna loot:

Here’s Jayrome bragging about the loot he got for a hard nights work of stealing from “white owned businesses.”

Here’s Jayrome bragging about bringing his sister along for the looting. He wouldn’t be a true Hillary supporter if he wasn’t willing to give his sister the same opportunity to steal from the white man…would he?

Here’s a re-tweet by Hillary supporter Jayrome Williams. No wonder he supports Hillary. She wants to take guns out of the hands of legal gun owners, leaving only thugs with guns…

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