Alleged Bill Clinton sexual victim Juanita Broderick hit back after Chelsea Clinton complained that her parents were always being “attacked” and is some sort of “tradition.” Her parents being attacked is a tradition? What about your father’s victims of sexual assault? Is that some sort of tradition?

Following the debate, Trump told the press that he was holding back on bringing up Bill Clinton’s sexual predator history out of respect for Chelsea being in the audience.

Chelsea, who apparently is okay with her father receiving oral sex in the Oval Office, and her mother berating and threatening his alleged sexual abuse victims, had this to say about Trump:

“It’s a distraction from his inability to talk about what’s actually at stake in this election and to offer concrete, comprehensive proposals about the economy, or our public school system, or debt-free college, or keeping our country safe and Americans safe here at home and around the world.” 

“And candidly, I don’t remember a time in my life when my parents and my family weren’t being attacked, and so it just sort of seems to be in that tradition, unfortunately.”  

Juanita Broderick hit back after Chelsea’s disgusting flippant attitude about a woman who claims (one of many who have bravely come forward to expose Bill Clinton after being sexually assaulted by him) she was raped by her father:

Here’s the vile way people who are supporting the FEMALE candidate for President responded:


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