Hillary Clinton sat down with Emerson Collective’s Laurene Powell Jobs to take veiled swipes at President Trump. She especially got into talking about the Russia summit and what she thinks Putin is really up to. We’ll be honest…it was just embarrassing. The woman is desperately trying to make herself relevant and all she has is aged hippies clapping for her.


Is that a nightgown sort of thing she’s wearing? Just asking…we couldn’t help but notice it looked like she just rolled out of bed.

If Putin wants to dominate and create chaos then why did he meet with President Trump? Hillary has a short memory because she met with the Russians and gave them a reset button! The Obama administration’s efforts at diplomacy with the Russians failed repeatedly. So Hillary wants to sit there and act like she is such an expert at diplomacy with Russia after the embarrassing reset button fiasco? That’s funny! Go home Hillary…you’ll never be president.

What President Trump had to say about his meeting with Putin is spot on:

I mean, basically that’s what we discussed. We discussed lots of great things for both countries, frankly. But there are things that we can do for both countries that are very good. Now, we then go to a news conference. I mean I had these — some of these fools from the media saying, “Why didn’t you stand there, look him in the face, walk over to him, and start shouting at him?” I said, “Are these people crazy? I want to make a deal.” I want to make a deal. You can’t do that. And we’ve been having a bad relationship with Russia for many years. And you know, that may be wrong. I — it may be that you can’t do anything and — that’s very possible. But I’m different than other president’s. I’m a dealmaker. I’ve made deals all my life. I do really well. I make great deals. You know it because you’ve covered them for a long time Joe. And I think if we can get along with Russia and other countries…

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