What a role model for mothers in America…or at least for the ones who have FAKE NAMES for their daughters when they use private servers to cover up their corrupt behavior…

Wikileaks found 67 emails between Hillary Clinton and daughter Chelsea under her fake name, “Diane Reynolds”.

In one email Hillary tells Chelsea (Diane) she is sitting in a meeting on Libya waiting for “the other shoe to drop.”

email to diane I

Don’t all parents write to their children at a fake email account during foreign policy meetings?

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In another email Hillary wrote Chelsea during the Benghazi attacks telling her Americans were killed by an al-Qaeda like group.

Hillary later lied and blamed the attack on a YouTube video. –GP

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email to Diane II

Here’s Hillary lying about a video being reason for the attack on the unsecured Benghazi compound, even though she ALWAYS KNEW (see email above) that it had NOTHING to do with the attack:

Here’s Hillary’s Benghazi victim, Sean Smith’s mom, Pat Smith telling how Hillary lied to the parents about the cause of the attack being a video:

Here’s Hillary saying Pat Smith is a liar during one of the Democrat debates:


Via: Gateway Pundit

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