Now that she’s finally beaten the old cranky socialist in one state….Hillary’s on fire! Hillary tells crowd, “We don’t need to make America great again, it’s already great.” The big question is, can Hillary do everything she promised from a jail cell?

The best part of her speech is when she reminds the crowd that her campaign is being funded by the Clinton Slush Fund, Hollywood vagina voters and Wall Street “grassroots donors.”

Hillary says, “Tomorrow this campaign goes national”. Maybe I’m missing something but hasn’t it been national for a long time? Hasn’t everyone known she’s been running for president for the last 25 years?

‘Grass roots donors are powering this campaign.’ That’s rich, given her big donor backing is the bulwark her campaign. She then begs for people to go to her website and donate money.

“This victory is for the parents and teachers in rural South Carolina”, she says with affected accent.


She’s clearly positioning herself as the ‘unifier’. “We’re going to start by working together, with more love and kindness in our hearts and more respect for each other, even when we disagree.” And she’s already telegraphing how she would attack Trump, if he were the nominee. “Despite what you hear, we don’t need to make America great again, America has never stopped being great. But we do need to make America whole again. Instead of building walls, we need to be tearing down barriers.”

She then went on to lie about the facts in several high profile deaths of black young people.

Hillary finds her manufactured southern drawl at about the 1:55 mark.

Via: Weasel Zippers

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