This video proves why every American needs to know and understand our laws as they pertain to voter fraud. The average American would see this woman registering people to vote in a parking lot with a Trump sign on her billboard and think nothing of it. Many people would be afraid to confront her. Kudos to the guy filming this incident for knowing and understanding how this woman was clearly violating voter registration laws and for videotaping it and using it as an educational tool.

It would be a bonus if the woman committing voter fraud is found and punished accordingly.  Remember…every vote a Democrat steals is a vote stolen from a legal registered voter. The Democrat machine will be out in full force from now until election time. Stay alert America. This is our country. Millions have fought and died for our nation and we should never allow it to be stolen by people with bad intentions. If you see something…say something. Take a picture, film it, and get it out for everyone to see. The only way to stop this criminal behavior is to shine a light on it….

The words written in Spanish at the bottom of her ILLEGAL anti-Trump poster is an especially nice touch.

The video was first published on YouTube on August 20th and it shows the type of voter fraud that the Clinton campaign is willing to commit in order to steal the upcoming election.

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Recent tweets on the net have identified the Hillary fraudster as Susan Berman who is the President of Impact Research International.

On the organization’s site Berman is noted as having an “approachable style and warm personality”.

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A list of her clients from the website shows the following –

clients hillary fraud voter

Susan Berman’s profile underscores “honesty and integrity” in her profile at Impact Research. Sorry Susan, but that’s not what this video of you holding the anti-Trump poster while registering voters in a state other than CA shows us.

susan berman


Here’s the Nevada law that prohibits Susan Berman from doing exactly what she was doing in a parking lot in Nevada:

Under Nevada Revised Statute 293.505(10), while registering a voter, a field registrar shall not:

(a) Solicit a vote for or against a particular question or candidate;

(b) Speak to a voter on the subject of marking his or her ballot for or against a particular question or candidate; or

(c) Distribute any petition or other material concerning a candidate or question which will be on the ballot for the ensuing election.

Via: Gateway Pundit

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