Hillary was too busy to be bothered with making Benghazi a safer place for Ambassador Stevens, so it should really come as no surprise that she’s too busy to watch “13 HOURS,” the true story of Benghazi. 

By the way, whoever told Hillary that calling the families of the four men killed in Benghazi “liars,” just as the true story of what really happened under her watch is coming out in theaters nationwide, should be fired…

One of the enduring mysteries of the Benghazi tragedy is why anyone ever took seriously Hillary Clinton’s blaming some obscure maker of a YouTube video for the attack. That mystery, however, is dwarfed by the way the media try to pretend that Hillary’s denials of that happening are anything other than bald-faced (that bald-face would be pasty white, wrinkled, and bewhiskered). In testimony elicited by the Benghazi Committee and in released emails, it has become apparent that no one ever thought the video was to blame and Clinton has, herself, attempted to claim that she never blamed the video.

Now there is a new “wrinkle” to the story. Hillary told the families that the video was the cause of the attack that led to the deaths of their family members. Now she is saying they are lying.

First, there is her statement when she, shamelessly, stood in the hangar at Dover AFB as the bodies of the dead men returned home:

CLINTON: Many others from across the Middle East and North Africa have offered similar sentiments.

This has been a difficult week for the State Department and for our country. We’ve seen the heavy assault on our post in Benghazi that took the lives of those brave men. We’ve seen rage and violence directed at American embassies over an awful Internet video that we had nothing to do with.

Then we have the families themselves:

Transcript via Townhall

Tyrone Woods’ father (who took notes about their meeting): “I gave Hillary a hug and shook her hand. And she said we are going to have the film maker arrested who was responsible for the death of my son…’She said — the filmmaker who was responsible for the death of your son’…”

Sean Smith’s mother: “She’s absolutely lying. She told me something entirely different at the casket ceremony. She said it was because of the video.”

Sean Smith’s uncle: “Mrs. Clinton really has a problem embracing the truth.”

Glen Doherty’s sister: “When I think back now to that day and what she knew, it shows me a lot about her character that she would choose in that moment to basically perpetuate what she knew was untrue.”

On ABC’s This Week, Clinton family retainer, George Stephanopoulos, revisited the issue — I have no idea why other than some misbegotten effort to “set the record straight” — and got this response:


STEPHANOPOULOS: Did you tell them it was about the film? And what’s your response?


CLINTON: No. You know, look I understand the continuing grief at the loss that parents experienced with the loss of these four brave Americans. And I did testify, as you know, for 11 hours. And I answered all of these questions. Now, I can’t — I can’t help it the people think there has to be something else there. I said very clearly there had been a terrorist group, uh, that had taken responsibility on Facebook, um, between the time that, uh, I – you know, when I talked to my daughter, that was the latest information; we were, uh, giving it credibility. And then we learned the next day it wasn’t true. In fact, they retracted it. This was a fast-moving series of events in the fog of war and I think most Americans understand that.

So we have Hillary blaming the video at the arrival of the caskets. We have all four families agreeing that they were told it was a video. We have Hillary on record blaming the video in the week after the attack. And now she says it never happened.

This woman is a pathological liar. The sad thing is that she could probably pass a lie detector test. Via: Red State



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